Personal Informations


  • Familiar with Linux and website administration(LVS, Apache, Nginx, Resin, Squid, Bind);
  • Familiar with shell/Perl programming;
  • Familiar with monitoring system such as Nagios, Cacti, Ganglia, Logstash;
  • Familiar with configuration management tools such as Puppet, Rexify;
  • Knowledge in Ruby, MySQL, xen, TCP/IP etc.

Working Experiences

2012.04 Senior R&D Engineer

  1. Wrote the Page Speed Anaylsis system that can analysis and visualize data collected from frontpages, this help us to know the access qualities of real users.
  2. Built the distributed log processing system using logstash, And port the official JRuby source code to MRI 1.8.7.
  3. Deploy Puppet to manage 400+ CDN servers and Wrote a website to manage the puppet master manifests and nodes’ role.
  4. Deploy Murder system to distribute large files to CDN servers.
  5. Test the limit QPS of Nginx with different settings in a 10Gibps network environment.
  6. Test and compare the performance of ApacheTrafficServer and Squid for a 1SSD+3SATA server which had to cache 30 millons 10KB files.
  7. Test CGroup effect and using cpuset/memory subsystem to limit large jobs of Hadoop.

2010.06 Senior System Engineer

  1. Wrote documents and specifications about system operation.
  2. Follow up the industry’s technology trends, and testing for online using.
  3. Assess the quality of the CDN based on networkbech etc, and consultation with those CDNs for optimization.
  4. Analysis the architecture of most important forum of CDC),and do some optimiziton to keep the request hit radio from 70% to 85% and the byte hit radio from 30% to 48%.This ease the IO loadavg of NetApp storages.
  5. Wrote the scheme and upgrading the NetApp storages successfully cooperate with the NetApp engineer.
  6. Wrote the scripts to monitor the failure of network link between more than one IDC and auto proxy the accesses of users to other IDCs.
  7. Wrote some templates of pnp4nagios to draw rrd images just like cacti do.
  8. Wrote some bash/perl scripts to enhance the nagios plugins, and using Mod_Gearman to distribute the check jobs.

2008.07 CDN Operation Engineer 21vianet

  1. Responsible for daily operation of static acceleration and fault analysis.
  2. Built the common platforms of CDN(squid, nginx, lighttpd, rsync, apache, fms etc)
  3. Do the special configuration and structure optimization for the different customer sites.
  4. Complete the monitoring and management of national multi-node cluster server group with some open source software like cacti, nagios, zabbix and own shell scripts.


Beijing Jiaotong University Information and Communication Engineering Bachelor

Some Others

  1. Give a speech of “ElasticSearch in DevOps life” at PerlChina Beijing Workshop 2013;
  2. Writing a book about linux operation and devops which would be published the next year.